Claremont High School Academy: Don’t miss the deadline to apply for the Music Aptitude Test place. Now updated with dates for 2024 Admissions.

2023 is the ideal time to start preparing early for the Music Scholarship tests to secondary schools. We can assist you with the Music Aptitude Test entry to all UK schools. The tests take place in Autumn 2023 but we advise early preparation instead of last minute cramming.

Claremont High School Academy in Harrow has an earlier test date than most other UK schools so don’t miss out on this deadline. Ashmole Academy also offers their test earlier than most schools too.

The Music Aptitude Test for Claremont will be held on Saturday 10th June 2023. 

10 percent of new intake places will be for students who have an aptitude in Music. 

We offer 1-to-1 specialist music tutoring on Zoom to help you prepare for the Claremont Music Aptitude test. Book online:

Music Aptitude Test 2017 entry

Practice Music Aptitude Tests can be found online:

Buy Music Aptitude Tests for SW Herts Consortium Dame Alice Owens Schools

For tips on the tricky Texture section, see this video:


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