Summer Lessons for Music Aptitude Test and Scholarship Preparation, August 2022.

Music Scholarship and Aptitude Test preparation

I am taking applications for lessons in person for 1-to-1 Music Scholarship and Aptitude Test preparation during August 2022 in Penge London SE20. To enquire please fill in the form below. Lessons are £90 for 60 minutes and include MAT preparation as well as Round 2 audition preparation if required.

Lessons are with Lorraine Liyanage, Head Teacher of the SE22 Piano School.

You can also book online lessons if you do not live within easy reach of London SE20.

Enquire about lessons here:

Link to video of what the 1-to-1 lessons cover:

The initial consultation lesson will allow us to assess the level of your playing, aural  test and interview question readiness. We ask you to bring at least 1 well-prepared piece on each of your chosen instruments. If you only have one instrument (or voice) please have two contrasting pieces prepared.

After the initial consultation, we can advise if additional sessions will be required to be ready.

We will also advise on a plan of action to fully prepare you for audition day.

We will tailor the session to the needs of your chosen secondary schools.

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