Kingsdale Foundation School Music Aptitude Test

Kingsdale Foundation School Music Aptitude Test
Kingsdale Music Scholarship results 

Kingsdale Foundation School Music Aptitude Test
Kingsdale Music Scholarship results ~ Full Music Scholarship for 2020 Admission

Many of our students at the SE22 Piano School will be seeking scholarship entry to Kingsdale Foundation School, Hatcham College (Habs) and Prendergast. We tutor several young musicians each year to help them prepare for these popular South London secondary schools. These sessions are open to all children whether or not you learn music with us.

Here is some information about the format of the audition for Kingsdale. Please refer to the school web site for deadlines and current test specifications.

The Music Scholarship test is One Round including Aural Tests, Written Aptitude Tests, Interview Questions & Audition. The last two years the tests have included some additional aural test variations that we include in our 1-to-1 lessons. There are also optional sight-reading tests for your instrument(s).

The format of our 1-to-1 Lessons

The school offers a unique and well established scholarship provision in the areas of Art, Mathematics, Music and Sports for students who are assessed as having aptitude in these areas. Each scholarship award is worth approximately £1,000 pa in additional resources, including tuition and associated resources.

Kingsdale Foundation School Music Aptitude Test

We recommend having two contrasting pieces that you are thoroughly familiar with, have performed under pressure and love playing. Try to pick pieces that are not in a graded exam syllabus. This will help you stand out on audition day. Ideally you’d offer two different instruments, one of which can be voice. If you need any help with preparing for the performance and interview, book a lesson on Eventbrite.

Kingsdale Music Aptitude Test scholarship SE22

The audition for Music scholarship is intended to discover musical aptitude and potential. When you visit the school open day, have a look at the music ensembles on offer and see what you can get involved in. If you are a pianist, how can you contribute to the group music-making at the school? Your melodic skills can transfer well to steel pans and your rhythmic knowledge would be a good foundation for djembe drumming. Perhaps you like singing in a group but you don’t have the confidence to sing a solo piece quite yet. Would the choir appeal? If so, mention this at interview as long as you are prepared to get involved in the choir if you get the scholarship!

Kingsdale Foundation School Music Aptitude Test

Speak to music scholars and ask them lots of questions about what instrument they learned before they came to the school and what new opportunities being a music scholar has given them.

Best of luck to everyone aiming for Music Scholarship entry. Be well prepared and don’t forget to smile!

Kingsdale Foundation School Music Aptitude Test

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1-to-1 Zoom Online Music Scholarship Training Available
Kingsdale Foundation School Music Aptitude Test

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