St. Marylebone School Music Aptitude Test


Best of luck to students sitting the Music Aptitude Test for St. Marylebone School.

Our training test materials cover the style of test you will hear on the day.

The Music Aptitude Test is a multiple-choice test split into five categories.

1) Pitch:
A number of sounds will be played and applicants have to answer whether they think the sound is higher or lower in pitch than the previous sound.

2) Rhythm:
Rhythmic patterns will be clapped and applicants have to identify whether the second example is the same as or different from the first example.

3) Melody:
a) Applicants have to indicate whether two melodic patterns (played one after the other) are the same or different.
b) Two melodic patterns will be heard and applicants will have to indicate how the second pattern is different from the first (if at all).

4) Comparing pieces:
Two performances of the same piece of music will be heard, but in the second piece of music there has been one change. Applicants will have to choose from a variety of sentences to best describe the change that has been made.

5) Graphic notation:
Applicants will be given several examples of graphic notation on their answer-sheet, and will hear a piece of music. They must indicate which of the graphic notation examples best represents what they hear.

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We offer 1-to-1 Lessons to help you prepare for the Music Aptitude Test

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