Ealing Fields High School: Specialist Music Aptitude Place, 2021 Admissions

Ealing Fields High School uses the standard two-stage Music Scholarship process to award 15 places each year to students with a natural aptitude in music.

The application process is designed to test a child’s natural ability to hear and discriminate differences in:
• Pitch
• Rhythm
• Chords
• Melodies

For assistance with the Music Aptitude Test, have a look at our upcoming 1-to-1 lessons or download our training materials.

1-to-1 Music Aptitude Test and Scholarship training online during Lockdown. Visit our booking page to select an appointment:


Buy Music Aptitude Tests for SW Herts Consortium Dame Alice Owens Schools

Dates for your diary:

Complete the Specialist Music Admissions application form online by 12 noon on 25 September 2020.

Though this is not a condition of admission, students admitted to Ealing Fields High School under a Specialist
Music Place will be expected to:

  1. Make an active contribution to the school community through commitment to our extra-curricular rehearsal
    and performance programme.
  2. Make outstanding musical progress across all three disciplines of performing, composing and listening as a
    result of both the Music College curricular and extra- curricular programme.
  3. Learn either a String, Woodwind or Brass instrument (including guitar) as either a first or second study instrument

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