Everything you need to know about Music Scholarships to State Secondary Schools in the UK

It’s the time of the year that everyone is thinking ahead to 2021 schools admissions. This article I wrote for medium.com contains a lot of useful information to help you navigate the tricky Music Scholarship process.

Helping you understand the Music Aptitude Test and Music Scholarship Process

Hands up if you find the whole process of choosing the right secondary school for your child a daunting task?

I’m putting my hand up here too as my daughter is entering Year 5 and I’m looking into the Sports Scholarship process for her in 2020 and it’s an area I’m clueless about having spent well over 10 years preparing students for Music Scholarships! However I can help demystify the Music Scholarship process as it’s an area that occupies a large amount of my music teaching studio in South London, especially in the Summer months leading up to the Music Aptitude Tests & Auditions.

The Music Scholarship process to state secondary schools can be difficult to navigate at first glance so I’m going to summarise the structure of the Music Aptitude Tests, followed by what makes a successful audition and what, in my opinion and past experience, the schools are looking for in a music scholar. Here goes — although not in the order I’ve just listed!

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