Everything you need to know about Music Scholarships to State Secondary Schools in the UK

Hands up if you find the whole process of choosing the right secondary school for your child a daunting task? I wrote an article on medium.com to help guide parents of Year 5 students through the upcoming Music Scholarship process. Click on the image below to read the full article.

I’m receiving many emails a day from parents of Year 5 students asking for last-minute help with the Music Aptitude Test for schools such as Ashmole Academy and Chancellor’s School that are holding their tests in June 2020. These schools hold their MAT Test earlier than most secondary schools so this doesn’t leave music time to prepare for these tests. However if you are looking at schools that hold their tests in September 2020 onwards (such as Dame Alice Owen, SW Herts Consortium schools, Kingsdale, Haberdashers, William Ellis – to name a few) then we suggest using the upcoming months to lightly prepare for the tests so that you feel fully confident when attending the scholarship entrance tests.

There are many schools that use MAT as a selective criterion for admission. Here are just a few schools that use the test. Disclaimer: Please check the 2020 admissions guide for latest entrance criteria and validity of the MAT test as this changes each year.

  • Ashmole Academy
  • Bushey Meads School
  • Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
  • Chelsea Academy
  • Claremont High School Academy
  • Dame Alice Owen
  • Haberdashers’ Aske’s / Prendergast Hilly Fields / Crayford Academy
  • Highgate School
  • Kingsdale Foundation School Dulwich
  • Langley Grammar School
  • Leventhorpe / The Bishop’s Stortford High School / The Hertfordshire & Essex High School
  • Parmiter’s School
  • Queens’ School (Bushey)
  • Rickmansworth School
  • South West Herts School consortium
  • St Anne’s Catholic School, Southampton
  • St Clement Danes
  • St Paul’s Way Trust School
  • The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College
  • Uxbridge High School
  • Watford Grammar School for Boys
  • Watford Grammar School for Girls
  • William Ellis School
  • Wymondham College

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