Music Scholarship Information for 2020 Admissions

I’m receiving a huge number of emails at the moment from parents whose children are sitting the upcoming Music Aptitude Tests and Scholarship. Whilst I would like to respond individually to all emails, it is simply not possible to respond to the daily volume of emails. Most emails are asking me for the dates of the MAT test or whether we can prepare your child for the Music Scholarship.

To answer these most frequently asked questions:

  1. For the latest dates for MAT & Scholarship tests, please visit your chosen school’s web site and you will be able to find out this information directly. You can also request this information at school open days or from your primary school if they offer guidance on Secondary School admissions.
  2. We have years of experience preparing students for MAT tests and audition-based tests. Simply advise which school(s) you are applying to and we will adjust the 1-to-1 sessions accordingly. We have a few dates left for September and will be updating our ticket booking page with new dates soon. If you do not see the date you require, that means we are unable to teach on that day. All bookings are made by Eventbrite only.

To download our training test materials that will help familiarise you with the style of tests you will hear on the day, please visit the Music Aptitude Test web site.

Buy Music Aptitude Tests for SW Herts Consortium Dame Alice Owens Schools

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