Private School Music Scholarship Preparation: 1-to-1 Lessons in East Dulwich

Music-Scholarship-Individual-LessonsWe offer individual tuition for private school music scholarships. Most private schools will expect a level of playing around Grade 6 on the first instrument and at least Grade 3 on the second instrument. Additionally, a proficient level of sight-reading, aural and musical knowledge is usually tested at the audition and interview.

How we can help:

  • We will help you select the right audition pieces to create a memorable audition. Many musicians only have the chance to play with an accompanist during their weekly lesson so we can accompany you and guide you on which areas need attention.
  • We give you tips to help with the sight-reading and aural tests. Please note that developing good sight-reading and aural proficiency takes many months of advance preparation and cannot be acquired at the last minute.
  • We prepare you for the interview section by going through commonly asked questions and topics.
  • For students with a bit more time available to prepare, we can suggest performance opportunities such as festivals, masterclasses and workshops to enhance your musical CV and use as a talking point in the interview.
  • We will give you performance tips and strategies to cope with nerves on audition day.

What to bring to the lesson:

A selection of well-prepared pieces plus the piano accompaniment. Also bring scales, aural and sight-reading books. Don’t forget to bring your instrument too! We have a digital piano available for your use. If you have a music stand, please bring that too.

We have good availability on Thursday afternoons/evenings for 1-on-1 lessons.

Email for scholarship preparation advice and further information.

Please note the availability listed above is subject to change. Enquire for available times.




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