Music Aptitude Test Group Workshop: 26 September in South London 6.20 pm – 8pm

If you are interested in a Music Aptitude Test group workshop on Wednesday 26th September evening, email to register your interest and we will run the session if we have enough participants. Cost of the workshop is £50 with tickets on sale via Eventbrite.

Music Aptitude Test training group session (Drop-off Session)
Workshop leader: Lorraine Liyanage, SE22 Piano School

To help Year 4, 5 and 6 musicians prepare for the upcoming Music Scholarships for 2019 state secondary admissions. The session will focus on Music Aptitude Test training that is the first round of the selective music intake process. There will be a maximum of 4 participants per session.

We recommend completing at least 1 Music Aptitude Test before attending this session. You will be asked for a breakdown of your marks when you book the session.

The session is as follows:

1) Music Aptitude Test training

2) Performance of your audition pieces.

3) Preparation for the interview.

4) Summary of readiness for the test & guidance on what to prepare at home.

The group will complete 1 test on arrival that will be marked and then one or two specific areas will be targeted for extra practice. As most students find the texture question the most difficult, we always work on this section. Additionally we ask you to bring your instrument if possible and we will listen to your audition piece(s) and give advice on performance as well as prep the interview questions with you. We have a piano available for your use as well as an accompanist so bring both music parts if accompanied.

Session duration is determined by the number of participants. Arrival from 6.20pm for a 6.30pm start. Please note that we are teaching until 6.20pm so if you arrive early, please wait outside and the workshop leader will come and get you at this time. This is a drop-off session. At the end of the session we will go through the areas that need focus and attention.

We are also running a session in October focussing solely on Round 2 auditions.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:

We do not refund or reschedule tickets if you cannot attend.
We will not delay the start of the workshop if you arrive late.

These sessions are primarily aimed at students aiming for scholarship entry to Kingsdale, Haberdashers (Habs) and Prendergast but candidates for other schools are welcome to attend as the content of the workshop is suitable for most UK state secondary school Music Aptitude Tests.


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