Thinking ahead to Round 2 of the Music Scholarship auditions

Round-2-Audition-PreparationMany music scholarship candidates are working hard towards the Round 1 Music Aptitude Tests at the moment. Do make sure you also have a clear idea of which pieces you will play at Round 2 if you are selected to progress to the next stage. The pieces you will choose to perform should already be fluently learned and maybe even memorised as this makes for an audition that looks really polished.

Do make sure you have performed your pieces in public to an audience several times in the run-up to the audition. Performing in public helps you cope with the nerves by building your confidence with each successful performance. If the first public performance doesn’t go to plan, keep persevering and aim to improve each time you perform by making less mistakes and performing with less hesitation each time. Practice announcing the name of the piece and the composer. Are you 100% sure how to pronounce all the words? Make sure you have checked with your teacher and parents if you are not sure how to pronounce any of the words.

Also check out local music festivals as these offer lots of performances opportunities, both competitive and non-competitive. It’s an ideal way to get feedback on your performance and get used to the experience of the audition round. We’ve got lots of Music Scholarship candidates for schools such as Kingsdale, Habs, Norwood School, Claremont, Marylebone and Prendergast performing at our upcoming All Instruments Music Competition in Dulwich. Audience tickets are free – do come along if you’d like to see what happens at a music competition. These are always a good talking point in your Interview at Round 2.

Are you going to play with a backing track? If so, find out how the school would like you to bring the track – on a USB stick or a CD? Or sent by email in advance? Also most schools have an accompanist available but some schools ask you to bring your own. You will need a copy of the sheet music for the accompanist – ask your teacher to provide this or direct you to a digital download you can purchase well ahead of the audition.

Any more questions about the Music Aptitude Test and Scholarship process? Head over to our Facebook group for support: Music Aptitude Test & Scholarship Advice

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For assistance with the Music Aptitude Test, have a look at our upcoming group workshops or download our training materials.


If you have any questions about the MAT, have a look at our Facebook support group.Buy Music Aptitude Tests for SW Herts Consortium Dame Alice Owens Schools

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