Resources to help you prepare for the Music Aptitude Test ~ 2019 Music Scholarships Admissions

As well as using our online Music Aptitude Training Tests, there are some great CDs and DVDs available to help you practice your ear training. Also, if you purchase the tests online in April 2018, use the code above for a 5% discount.

Here’s a selection of useful resources (updated for 2019 admissions):

Harmonic Ear Training (DVD)

An excellent workshop from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, this DVD is a vital intro to the topic for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians.

You’ll learn to:
*Recognise chord progressions quickly and confidently.
*Incorporate them into your writing and performing.
*Listen to music more analytically.
*Apply this knowledge to all of your projects


Musician’s Institute Essential Concepts – Ear Training

The Complete Guide for All Musicians. This book and double CD pack takes you step by step through MI’s well-known Ear Training course. Complete lessons and analysis include: basic pitch matching · singing major and minor scales · identifying intervals · transcribing melodies and rhythm · identifying chords and progressions · seventh chords and the blues · modal interchange, chromaticism, modulation · and more! Learn to hear and to visualize on your instrument. Take your playing from good to great! Over 2 hours of practice exercises – with complete answers in the back.



Music Aptitude Test 2019 Training Specimen HelpEssential Ear Training For the Contemporary Musician The Ear Training curriculum of Berklee College of Music is known and respected throughout the world. This method teaches musicians to hear the music they are seeing, notate the music they have composed or arranged, develop their music vocabulary, and understand the music they are hearing. The book features a complete course with text and musical examples, and studies in rhythm, sight recognition, sol-fa, and melody.




Ear Training Music Aptitude Test Help and Tips 2019Beginner Ear Training 

Nb: This book is fantastic for learning to memorise music. You may wish to perform a piece from memory at your audition. This book gives you a solid foundation to start memorising longer pieces of music with accuracy and a good sense of recall to avoid those moments where your mind goes blank! I have listed this book last as it is not particularly relevant to Round 1 of the Music Aptitude Test but nonetheless it is an excellent resource if you have given yourself ample time to prepare for the music scholarships. If you are about to sit the test next week, then skip this book!

We offer 1-on-1 training at the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich, South London to help you prepare for the MAT or Final Assessment aural tests. Get in touch if you would like to book a session.

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