St Paul’s Way Trust School Music Aptitude Test. Dates for 2019 Admissions


Best of luck to all students sitting the St Paul’s Way Trust School, Tower Hamlets Music Aptitude Test:

Use our test training materials to help you prepare for Round One of the Music Aptitude Test:

The music aptitude test will take place on Wednesday 10th October 2018 at 3:45pm and the auditions will take place on Friday 19th October 2018 from 9:00am to 1:30pm circa.

You will receive information regarding when you should bring your child to the school after you have completed and submitted your Music Aptitude Test registration form by the closing date, Friday 5th October 2018.

You will receive a phone call notifying you of your child’s ranking within the test participants by Friday 19th October 2018 followed by a letter by Wednesday 24th October 2018. If you do not receive a letter by that date then please contact the school.

What is the format of the music scholarship test for St Paul’s Way?

The listening assessment (Stage 1) is expected to last for approximately one hour.  It will consist of a series of questions, which your child can respond to by ticking their answers on multiple choice answer sheets.

The workshop (Stage 2) will last for 30 minutes. Using a tuned percussion instrument e.g. a xylophone, your child will be assessed through the ways in which they instinctively respond as musicians to the tasks set.

The performance (Stage 3).  Your child will be asked to perform a musical piece(s) of choice for up to 5 minutes, on any instrument or with their voice. An accompanist will be available on the day. There will also be a short aural awareness test.

You can try our test training materials to help you prepare for Stage One of the SPWT Music Aptitude Test. Please note that we do not have specific information about the tests used for SPWT and can recommend our tests to familiarise you for the kinds of questions you may hear but we will expect some variation to occur. If

Buy Music Aptitude Tests for SW Herts Consortium Dame Alice Owens Schools

Here’s a short video with some tips for preparing for the Texture section of the Music Aptitude (MAT) Test. Most of my students find this section particularly challenging and I receive a lot of emails about the best way to prepare for this part of the test. I recorded a short video on my harpsichord at home with some ideas and tips for preparing for the Texture section. I hope you find it helpful.

Here is a video showing samples of each section of our 4-part test:

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