Music Aptitude Test: Old Swinford Hospital Boys’ School ~ 4 places available in 2019

2019 Admissions to Old Swinford Hospital school:

Year 7: Eight flexi-boarder places are awarded on aptitude in music or sport. Four places will be awarded for musical aptitude and four places will be awarded for sports aptitude.

Boys wishing to be considered for a place based on musical aptitude are required to sit an aptitude assessment. The assessment has four component parts: pitch, melody, texture and rhythm. It is an assessment which requires them to listen to music, to write about what they hear and reply, for example, clap-out a rhythm or sing back a series of notes.

You can prepare for the Music Aptitude Tests by using the following specimen tests that are indicative of the style of test used:

Buy Music Aptitude Tests for Chelsea Academy


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