Music Scholarship information for 2014 school entry (Archived)

Archive Entry: You can find updated dates for 2017/2018 by browsing the categories on the left. Download our training tests here:

Here’s some information we have collated from various Secondary School web sites to help you find the Supplementary Forms and Test Dates for the upcoming Music Aptitude Tests for September 2014 entry. This is not a fully comprehensive list of all schools in the UK using the test.Visit here for information on how to prepare for the Music Aptitude Test.

Dame Alice Owen
Musical Aptitude Test – First Round: Tuesday 3rd September 2013
Map of School for MAT students

Chancellor’s School
MAT Application – Supplementary Form
 (return by 5th July 2013)
Musical Aptitude Test – First Round: 2rd September 2013

Chelsea Academy
MAT Application – Supplementary Form

Uxbridge High School
MAT Application – Supplementary Form (return by 9th October 2013)

Ashmole Academy
MAT Application – Supplementary Form (return by 24th May 2013)

Prendergast Hilly Fields
See here for dates for the Open Day.

South-West Herts Consortium Schools
Musical Aptitude Test – First Round: 10th September 2013

Schools in the Consortium:
Bushey Meads School
Parmiter’s School
Queens’ School (Bushey)
Rickmansworth School
St Clement Danes School (Chorleywood)
Watford Grammar School for Boys
Watford Grammar School for Girls

MAT Application – Supplementary Form (return by 4th October 2013)

Wymondham College
MAT Information (return by 4th October 2013)

Mill Hill County High School
MAT Application – Supplementary Form (return by 28th May 2013)

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For tips on the tricky Texture section, see this video:

2 thoughts on “Music Scholarship information for 2014 school entry (Archived)

  1. Hello

    I recently purchased the MAT tests consisting of test 1 2 3 and 4. These have been excellent for preparation but I was wondering if there is another package we could buy with more tests because we have done the same tests over the last 2-weeks!
    My daughter has her test on Monday and really wants to fully prepare and pass!! Thanking you

    1. Hi Rudi – that’s all that we have online for purchase but feel free to book a 1-to-1 online lesson with a tutor to help you prepare for Monday if you need some additional Music Aptitude support:

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