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The 4 sample tests contain 60 questions in each test (total 240 questions).
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You will receive a Zipped folder containing:

4 complete specimen tests
Blank question sheet – multiple choice
Answer sheet

The files are Mac or PC compatible. Use your computer or laptop to download and unzip the files. You can then transfer these to an iPad or iPhone using iTunes (also see video below if you do not have iTunes). Do not use Outlook to download the link, please use a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

For help with unzipping a folder, see here:

How to transfer MP3s to an iPhone:

Buy the Music Aptitude Tests
Click to buy (PayPal account not required)

25 thoughts on “Buy The Tests

  1. Hello, you only mentioned downloads onto ipad and iphone. Are the files not Android compatible? Please advise soonest since iIwould like to purchase today. Many Thanks

    1. The audio files are compatible with Android as long as you are familiar with adding files to your audio player on your phone. However you will need a desktop computer to unzip the files unless you are confident you are able to do this on an Android phone. The file contains two PDF documents to print plus four .mp3 files.

      1. Ahhh I see what you mean. No you can’t use an iPhone to unzip the folder that contains the MP3 files. Do you have any sort of computer or laptop in the house or at work?

    1. Dear Charlie, it will depend on which school as some use the MAT tests at Round Two as well so have a read of the criteria and see if it would be useful for the next stage. Your teacher will be able to advise if you are not sure. Best of luck with Round Two!

      1. it depends on the school. My daughter just sat round 2. According to her, our school’s test was very much like aural test for grade (ABRSM).

  2. Hi
    Can you please send me anything or access your website to see how useful this site is. My kid will be appearing in the music aptitude test for ashmole academy this year. Can you please guide me regarding this.


    1. Here is the list of the questions covered in our sample training tests:


      Higher or Lower?
      This part of the test asks you to listen to two sounds. You have to decide if the second note is higher or lower than the first or the same. Ask yourself if the second note is rising (higher) or falling (lower) or staying the same.

      If a student is able to sing back a short melody or play it back on their instrument, this will stand them in good stead for the Melody questions. You can help your child at home by playing their favourite songs and asking them to sing back different sections of the songs to you, just using one syllable such as “la” instead of the words.

      The Melody questions will play you one extract of 5 notes in length. The second version may or may not be different and you will be tested on whether you can hear the difference in a melody line by selecting the number of the note that is different.

      The Aptitude Tests play a chord and ask you to identify how many notes you can hear. A chord is two or more notes. In the tests, they will ask you to differentiate between 2, 3 or 4 notes being played at once. The more notes are in the chord, the more dense the sound appears. Here is one of our students trying out Section 3 of the Music Aptitude Test which is available from our MAT Training Web site.

      Sense of rhythm can be developed by plenty of clapping exercises. You can help your child at home with this by playing their favourite songs to them, then asking them to clap back short sections of the song to you. Once they have mastered familiar songs, then present unknown songs to them to see how they cope with unfamiliar rhythms.

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